Vanhat vuosikertahuilut
Rudall& Carte early Boehm mod. wood flute
A very fine early wooden R&C in very much used condition. Complete though. Needs attention. Head joint lined, if original,I don't know. Comes in the genuine case.
5000.00 €  kpl
Zalud, Terezin reform C-flute
A Zalud, Terezin reform flute made of blackwood,
Head joint is out of metal.In original "lots of use"- condition. After some attention must be a good player.
1000.00 €  kpl
Wm.H.Potter, 6-keyed conical flute
A good William Henry Potter, 6-keyed blackwood
flute. All keys pewter plugs. Needs attention.
3000.00 €  kpl
Potter, London boxwood flute
A nice Potter with 6-keys.
Pewter plugs on foot and salt spoon keys on the body joints. In need of restauration.
2500.00 €  kpl
Schneider, a Paris conical flute
5-keyed blackwood flute
Beautiful restored condition.Plays nicely. High pitch.Probably in F.
1850.00 €  kpl
Butler, 4-keyed conical flute
Butler, Haymarket, London
4 salt spoon keys. Restored into perfect playing cond. Very high pitch. Good for Irish music.
2100.00 €  kpl
Wm.S.Haynes silver flute made in 1968
This french model open holes inline flute was made in 1968 (N:o 36518) No E-mechanism or other extras. Goes to low C. Played in a philharmonic orchestra ca. 10 years. In a mint condition needing new pads. Ask more info.
7000.00 €  kpl
Wm.S.Haynes vintage silver flute
A mint Haynes with closed holes and Powell head joint. Never used longer time thus like new. Great flute.
5000.00 €  kpl
Kohlert Universal Boehm flute
An amazing Kohlert flute
with crazy specifications,
like coil springs. Lots of
innovations never seen before. A must for a collector. Ask.
1000.00 €  kpl
Haynes Kaloton hybrid flute
An unplayed, very nice
and crack free hybrid.
Needs new pads. In a good wooden case. Ask
1200.00 €  kpl
Anon wooden hybrid
This stained Hybrid is in a poor original condition needing attention to be a player again. In a nice period case. Ask.
150.00 €  kpl
Anon wooden hybrid
A good wooden hybrid.
No cracks
350.00 €  kpl
Butler London and Dublin hybrid
A nice hybrid from good maker. Ask.
500.00 €  kpl
Louis Lot cylinder wood flute, B-foot
An extremely rare and important low number Lot.
This flute has strange features like a crutch and a case which is typical for a German flute. The key work has a device making it possible to change the flute to open hole or closed hole model in a very short time. I have never seen anything like that before. This unique flute needs a lot of further research. Ask.
25000.00 €  kpl
Th.Piering Magdeburg conical metal flute
There is only one this kind of flute in the world. The tube is made of some white metal, probably low silver. The embouchure is made of horn and is untouched. The dophin tail formed keys are beautifully designed and the tube is seamed.
No case. Ask more of this
unique flute.
25000.00 €  kpl
Louis Lot conical flute N:o 4753
Very nice wooden conical Lot N:o 4753.
Silver plated mechanism.
Overhauled to a lovely playing cond. Just a few repairs made. Ask more info.
3500.00 €  kpl
Louis Lot conical wood flute, D-foot
Best conical wooden L.Lot with D-foot, that I have ever seen. Like new condition. Delivered originally to Odessa.
Plays beautifully. Ask.
10000.00 €  kpl
Louis Lot conical flute
Wooden conical Lot.
N:o 46xx, C-foot. With a little work this flute will be in nice shape.
Ask for more info
3000.00 €  kpl
Louis Lot silver flute
Silver Lot in genuine cond. B-foot, closed holes. Good rest. object. Ask for more info and pics.
3500.00 €  kpl
Louis Lot gold plated, silver flute
N:o 9408, closed holes, B-foot. Good condition. Gold plated by Fischer in Bremen Germany. needs
attention though. Ask for more info and pics.
4000.00 €  kpl
Louis Lot silver flute" Marigaux"
"Marigaux"-Lot number 9633
closed holes. Ask for moro info
2500.00 €  kpl
Giorgi keyless flute by Wallis
Wallis & Son made this keyless Giorgi flute.
In genuine case in mint condition. Ask.
1500.00 €  kpl
Th. Boehm Munich wood flute, original
Original Th. Boehm cocus wood
flute in genuine case.
In perfect condition. All 1847 features are there. This flute is very rare and comes with interesting documentation like a set of Boehm made pads, genuine fingering table etc. This flute is documented in Young's book. Ask more info.
55000.00 €  kpl
Th.Poppe Dresden Schwedler reform flute
A mint and late "Schwedler" reform flute from 1930s. Everything is original and the flute is hardly played.
Down to low B very clearly sounding flute with exceptional fine intonation. Among other special fingerings has the Schwedler Fis- mechanism.
The last rival to Boehm. Ask more info.
5000.00 €  kpl
J.Ziegler Wien conical wooden flute to low G
An important and utterly rare Austrian conical flute. Pewter plug key work throughout, with curved lower end. This flute goes to low G. Many experimental devises in this early 19th century instrument, for example the head adjusting screw.
Unrestored but sound state of preservation.
In original case. Ask more info about this really interesting flute.
12000.00 €  kpl
Mendler- Böhm- Leibl Nürnberg
This is a "Monstrum" among flutes. Its range goes to the low A. The flute is very rare and needs attention to be a good player again.
Ask for details and more info.
9000.00 €  kpl
D´Almaine rosewood 6-keyed conical flute
A nice conical rosewood flute. Restored to good playing shape. Beautiful flute. 4-salt spoon keys, low keys pewter plugs. Genuine case with owner´s name.
Ask more.
3350.00 €  kpl
Anton Riedl wood flute
A vintage Craslitz wood flute without head joint.
Needs attention to play nicely again.
1300.00 €  kpl
Möllenhauer wood flute
A wooden Möllenhauer from the beginning of the 20th century. The embouchure is made of bakelite in a form of a barrel. The head tube is made of metal. In lovely playing condition.Fully overhauled.Ask
2500.00 €  kpl
Oscar Adler wood flute
These flutes are really well made. Also this one is a great player. B-foot joint. No cracks.
High pitch matching modern standard. Really fine intonation. Head joint is made of metal with hard rubber lip plate. Just overhauled. New pads etc.
2500.00 €  kpl
VKS Wood flute
VKS is a trade mark.
The flute is probably German and easily made to be a good player. No visible cracks. Ask more.
1000.00 €  kpl
Djalma-Julliot silver plated flute
Nice example of great French flute making.
Basically sound flute needing a total overhaul.
Ask details.
2250.00 €  kpl
Rudall&Carte student flute
Very nice vintage student flute in unitube construction. A good player but still in original condition with genuine pads etc. Ask more.
500.00 €  kpl
Penzel New York wood flute
Very good American wood flute. Quite recent overhaul but not played, hence needing attention.
2500.00 €  kpl
Rittershausen wood flute
Old Rittershausen with a low number 2430
Very much used in a quite
tired cond.Ask more.
2000.00 €  kpl
Philipp Hammig silver flute
Ph.Hammig silver flute with two head joints.
Converted to closed G# but
the left thumb still reversed. Needs overhaul.
2000.00 €  kpl
"Godfroy Ainé" silver plated flute
An interesting French flute with a strange logo.
Who made these flutes?
Make an offer
0.00 €  kpl
"Godfroy Aine" silver plated flute
A strange French flute
with nice decoration on the key cups.Who made these flutes? Make an offer.
0.00 €  kpl
Aug.Rich.Hammig wood flute in Db
Wooden A.R.Hammig with silver mechanism and silver plated head in D flat. Like new. Overhauled cond. Beautiful player.
3000.00 €  kpl
Orsi, Cocobolo and silver head flute
A fabulous player. "Hand Made" wooden unibody
construction with silver 800/1000 head. Made in 1980 for Frankfurt exhibition. Unplayed. Like new.
4000.00 €  kpl
Giuseppe Barlassina silver flute
Massive Vintage silver flute from Italy.
Very nice state of preservation. Ask more.
3000.00 €  kpl
Rudall&Carte silver flute
A really nice English silver flute with unitube
body part. In an unrestored but good cond.
4000.00 €  kpl
"Leningrad" flute
An interesting "Soviet
Russian" flute
300.00 €  kpl
Johannes Hammig silver flute
Very rare and important early J.Hammig n:o 615 in a splendid playing cond. Fine intonation. Ask more.
8000.00 €  kpl
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